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On Memorial Day, we remember those killed in battle. I think that now includes those who were gunned down on the streets of Anytown, USA. On Friday night, it was the Isla Vista community at UC Santa Barbara. You probably didn’t hear about the three people killed and two wounded in two separate shooting incidents yesterday in Myrtle Beach, SC .

If you think mass shootings happen way too often in the US, you’d be correct. If your stomach can handle it, read Mother Jones‘ “Guide to Mass Shootings in America“, updated on May 24 to include Santa Barbara. Sadly, if history is any indicator, they’ll be updating it again too soon.

Cliff Schecter joined me on the show today, as he has after many other shooting massacres in recent history. He wrote about the sad state of our gun culture for the Daily Beast in an article entitled, “How the NRA Enables Massacres.”  His follow-up is expected this afternoon. I’ll update this post when it’s available.

I played my interview with former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer on the show last Friday, warning that another mass shooting was bound to happen any time now… and it did. Please feel free to share our conversation, which tells of Australia’s enacting new gun regulations following that country’s Port Arthur massacre, and note that they’ve not had a single mass shooting since.

And please read and share my post encouraging other nations to issue official travel advisories against the US, as it’s simply just not safe here.

To be continued, I’m afraid…

In the first hour, Howie Klein joined in from Down With Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. We talked about the “craven irresponsible politicians” whose actions in representing the gun lobby make these all-too-familiar massacres commonplace, Steve Israel’s continuing fuck-ups as the Chair of the DCC, and more. And, the Alan Grayson fundraiser with a Jimi Hendrix platinum record award for “Are You Experienced?” up for grabs has been extended a day… enter here! 

Tomorrow, my thoughts on Ed Schultz’ quicky exit from radio and classless attack on me…. plus @GottaLaff and whatever else the day brings, radio or not!