2-21-18 Nicole Sandler Show -The Gun Debate Paradox with Spocko

Kids from Parkland are in Tallahassee, trying to talk with legislators. High Schools around South Florida are walking out in solidarity, and it seems as if a movement has been born from this tragedy. Blogger, activist and media strategist Spocko joins Nicole to discuss the gun debate paradox and how to help the kids that are taking action. Spocko's last two pieces for Digby's blog are "The Gun Debate Paradox" and "Dear Florida Gun Fighters, Prepare for the NRA Hammer!"

10-26-16 Nicole Sandler Show – James O’Keefe is NOT a Journalist

I'm still distressed over the fact that the twerp pictured above calls himself a "journalist" and that actual news outlets let him get away with it. Make no mistake, O'Keefe is not a journalist. A journalist digs for facts to get at the truth. O'Keefe is the worst kind of activist; one who decides what his story will be before the first frame of video is shot. He admits to Sam Seder in one of the videos posted below that he "goes after" public figures with the goal of "taking them down". You'll never hear a real journalist say that. [...]

People With Guns Kill People

The Frank Luntz coached American right does a great job of one thing: coming up with pithy bumper sticker-type sayings that are easy for the unwashed masses who watch the Fake News Channel to parrot back to anyone who'll listen. We, the educated left who understand nuance and enjoy informed debate need to do better when it comes to memorable phrases that are easy to understand and echo. Obviously the fight over sensible legislation to help keep the public safe when it comes to guns is going to be a long, hard road.  So, I invited my friend - blogger, [...]

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