6-21-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Gun-Nation

Last night, Congress proved themselves incapable of taking care of the nation's business in an adult manner. Four amendments were brought to the floor, all with various levels of restrictions on gun purchases by people who should not be allowed near a firearm, let alone own one. All four went down to defeat. I'm battling bronchitis, so probably shouldn't have come on the air at all today, but I couldn't let those votes go by without talking about the travesty. Vote out all the bums. If you'd like to see who the bad guys are you can start with Sen [...]

High Hopes

When I heard we'd get a new Springsteen song called "High Hopes," I wondered if it was a new song or a cover of the old Sinatra "classic".  It was neither... From the liner notes to the forthcoming album, also called High Hopes (due out Jan 14, 2014), Springsteen wrote: I was working on a record of some of our best unreleased material from the past decade when Tom Morello (sitting in for Steve during the Australian leg of our tour) suggested we ought to add "High Hopes" to our live set.  I had cut "High Hopes," a song by Tim [...]


I'm so happy about this news that I won't even get all snarky about how there's nothing NUCLEAR about Harry Reid finally invoking the CONSTITUTIONAL option to change the Senate rules concerning the filibuster.  But use whatever hyperbolic imagery you want today, as the Senate just did something remarkable. History was made moments ago when, after a series of confusing votes, the Democrats were victorious in stopping the GOP obstruction of  executive and judicial nominees going forward. As my friend Marcy Wheeler @emptywheel just tweeted, Patricia Millet is about to become a lifetime appointed judge. Also, the answer to a [...]


Senator Ted Cruz, who missed his calling as a snake oil salesman, spent the last 22 hours showboating.  But as CSPAN pointed out on the screen numerous times during the long speech, it was not technically a filibuster! "This is technically not a filibuster since Sen. Cruz is not delaying action on a bill. He must stop speaking before the Senate votes on Wednesday." Even the reliably Republican-leaning Politico admitted as much: Despite his Ironman stand on the floor of the upper chamber, Cruz could not stop a Senate already in motion from eventually returning a clean continuing resolution to [...]

Worst Week Ever?

The week actually got off to a good start!  I spent the weekend at a wonderful music festival, and hit the ground running Monday morning with Alan Grayson on the show and feeling good. Then all hell broke loose in Boston. As bad as the actual explosion of two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon was, the lies and insanity that were presented as "news" made it even more disgusting. The worst perpetrator had to be the Rupert Murdoch-owned NY Post, Wall Street Journal and Fox "News" Channel: The "Saudi National" never officially called a "suspect" nor [...]

Opposition World

  The ugly part of politics is the politics.  "Oppo Research" is an ugly necessity for anyone in a campaign. You have to know who your opponent is, especially the ugly parts of their history. It's the ugliest part of the ugly side of politics, which is in itself, usually an ugly game. But not all candidates use the oppo research they gather in the same way.  There are some unspoken "gentlemen's rules" - but it seems as if Mitch McConnell doesn't know or care. Mother Jones, the go-to magazine if you have a surreptitious recording to leak these days, [...]

Nobody’s Fault But Reid’s

  Poor Harry Reid.  He's shocked. Shocked, I tell you, that the assholes in the Republican party would threaten to filibuster any gun legislation he brings to the floor.  Or anything else, for that matter. Harry Reid had more than ample opportunity to enact real filibuster reform, but he chose instead to be bamboozled a second time by Mitch McConnell who assured him they would no longer abuse the procedure. So, when Harry took to the Senate floor yesterday to, once again, issue empty threats and feign surprise that his opponents could be so heartless and ruthless, I fumed.  It's [...]

Droning On and On

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul filibusters the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. AP photo *** Today's ustream recording stopped after 38 minutes.  So, if you like to watch instead of listen, click the read more link below to watch the YouTube recording***  Rand Paul droned on for almost 13 hours yesterday, creating great political theater and making heads explode - on both the left and the right!  By criticizing the Obama administration's drone policy under the guise of a filibuster of the Brennan confirmation to head the CIA, Paul angered the Republicans who love the drones [...]

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