I’m still distressed over the fact that the twerp pictured above calls himself a “journalist” and that actual news outlets let him get away with it. Make no mistake, O’Keefe is not a journalist. A journalist digs for facts to get at the truth. O’Keefe is the worst kind of activist; one who decides what his story will be before the first frame of video is shot. He admits to Sam Seder in one of the videos posted below that he “goes after” public figures with the goal of “taking them down”.

You’ll never hear a real journalist say that. A real journalist wouldn’t think that way.

My friend Spocko joined me on the show today to talk about the latest O’Keefe sting scam.  We discussed Sam Seder’s exchange with O’Keefe at a recent debate. You can see for yourself how much context matters by watching what came before and after the pieces that O’Keefe posted at Breitbart.

Here’s the full exchange, as posted by Sam Seder.

For more background, read about O’Keefe’s sick ‘sex sting’ attempt on CNN Journalist Abbie Boudreau. (Her story is pretty damning especially when you read what was going to go into the “prank“. Considering the Trump’s history with women, this ‘prank’ looks even more disgusting.

This whole subject matter makes me sick…  tomorrow, Howie Klein returns. ..