Today ushers in the first day of Spring! It’s only fitting that it’s also the first day of the rebooted Bruce SPRINGsteen tour, and it’s kicking off in Phoenix. It is Bruce so of course I’ll be there. Yes, I’m giddy. There’s nothing like a Springsteen concert!

I’m glad today’s guest is a fellow music lover. Jason Leopold‘s seeing him in LA on April 4… but he’s not here to talk Bruce today. These days the man who’s been dubbed the “FOIA Terrorist” by our government just launched “The FOIA Files,” a weekly newsletter through Bloomberg News, for whom Jason is now working.

I had invited Jason on the show to promote the newsletter. But when I reached out to him about it last week, he was in an undisclosed location working on a big story, using only burner phones. He’ll give us the scoop today… but it has to do with the story I told you about on Friday with Marcy Wheeler about the FBI agents in Florida who served Trump the search warrant at Mar A Largo and were not very happy about it. (Houston I think we have a big problem).