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I don’t have a guest booked today. I thought that having Attorney General Merrick Garland testifying today before the Senate Judiciary Committee would provide more than enough material to deal with for the hour. Unfortunately, much of it was unwatchable.. Republicans have become so ugly, so aggressive and confrontational, and they are just completely full of shit.

They learned well from their media appendage, Fox (Not) News, because they just make shit up. And they’re all preening for the cameras. It’s infuriating. So I’ll share some of it. But be warned. Watching idiots like Ted Cruz berate Merrick Garland was depressing in multiple ways. Yes, I’ll explain on the show today.

So, although I didn’t have a guest booked for today, my old pal Spocko joined in, and it was a perfect fit, as he’s an activist and media trainer who helps people do their best when appearing on TV or radio.