Ferguson or Fallujah?

                                            Two images are shown above. One is courtesy of  Cpl Mike Escobar, taken in Fallujah, Iraq in 2005.  The other taken by reporter/photographer Danny Wicentowski of St. Louis' Riverfront Times two days ago in Ferguson, MO. Can you tell which is which? It's getting increasingly more difficult by the day to tell the difference. Americans' civil rights have eroded to the point where we have to question whether the First Amendment exists as anything more than a historical reference any longer. [...]

Oy FloriDUH!

Although we covered a lot of news on the show today, we were earily consumed by one particularly engrossing story, that of Florida Congressman Joe Garcia who was earnestly engaged in the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on the government's surveillance programs. This sad display was not the only reason we pulled out the Oy FloriDUH fanfare today. Oh no. And the other story isn't nearly as amusing... First, a bit of background. Earlier this week, a new report courtesy of NASA told us what most of us already suspected: a rapidly melting section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appears [...]

House Conservatives Are Revolting

The beauty of the homonym.  Although I've seen the title of this post in headline form before, editors seem to have caught on to the unintended reality of its meaning, and now use the clearer But I prefer my headline, as the true meaning of Revolting is personified by these treasonous, selfish bastards who are willing to destroy this country, it's economy and take down the rest of the world, because they're not getting their way. Robert Costa, at the National Journal, has been reporting on the revolting behavior inside the House GOP caucus.  If  you click on the headline above, [...]

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Welcome Back Grayson (and more things to be thankful for)

Today is a day two years in the making.  Two years ago, as the 112th Congress was being sworn in, I was feeling badly that my favorite Congressman had been targeted and defeated and therefore wasn't returning for his second term.  I picked up the phone and called the number I had for Alan Grayson and, to my surprise, he answered. We had a lovely conversation and I've enjoyed being able to count him as a friend.  And today, I'm brimming with pride and joy that he is, once again, being sworn in as a member of the US House [...]


Tonight, the long-awaited first debate between the two contenders for the presidency in 2012 is here. I fear it will be a giant let-down.  As much as I'd like for Mitt Romeny to "just be Mitt", he'll really just recite the answers that have been scripted for him on the subjects the candidates have been given in advance. Yesterday, I guest hosted the Randi Rhodes Show (thanks, Randi!), and played some of the mock-debate scene from HBO's The Newsroom.  If you haven't yet seen it, I encourage you to watch, as it's the only time you'll see any such debate [...]

I’m in for Randi Rhodes Again Today & Tomorrow

Big thanks to Shane-O, host of Funked in the Head for guest hosting my show last week while I was in DC, and for the first few days of this week while I guest host the Randi Rhodes Show. Yesterday, I was joined by Peter Nagy of NY Communities for Change, who filled us in on last week's Dec 6  and ongoing action Occupy Our Homes! Greg Palast checked in to once again make our heads spin while talking about the crazy stories he tells in his new book, Vultures Picnic! I also filled you in on my trip to [...]

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Today’s Show- Mon Nov 14 – Occupy Oakland Raided Again

For an hour or so prior to the start of this morning's show, I was simulcasting the live video stream from Spencer (@OakFoSho) as the Oakland PD and law enforcement from surrounding cities once again raided the Occupy Oakland encampment at Oscar Grant Park. My friend Joshua Holland (senior writer and editor at AlterNet) lives in San Francisco and was once again on the scene as the raid happened.  He joined me by phone at the end of the first hour to discuss what went on during the pre-dawn hours this morning, and wrote about it: "Thousands of [...]

When the Bad Deeds of a Few Destroy the Good Work of Many

The people of Oakland California stood up for their rights yesterday, and most of them did it following the rules of the Occupy movement: peaceful, non-violent protests.  That's the message the stalwart members of Occupy Oakland wanted to present yesterday and, for most of the day, that was the picture.  Unfortunately, as in any large crowd, there are a few who want to play by their own rules. Some anarchists and perhaps provocateurs infiltrated and broke some windows, sprayed graffiti, and spread the wrong message.  But they were the minority of the marchers participating in yesterday's general strike. This is [...]

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This is What Democracy Looks Like

That was the scene in Oakland last night - following two nights of brutal police action that resulted in one 24-year old Marine, two-tour Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen hospitalized, in critical condition, with a skull fracture and swelling of the brain.  The occupiers in Oakland were not to be deterred.  If anything, this police action probably intensified their resolve. At this meeting, as AlterNet's Joshua Holland recounted on this morning's show, those present voted in favor of a general strike to happen on Wednesday, November 2. From OccupyOakland.org: Below is the proposal passed by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly [...]

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