Big thanks to Shane-O, host of Funked in the Head for guest hosting my show last week while I was in DC, and for the first few days of this week while I guest host the Randi Rhodes Show.

Yesterday, I was joined by Peter Nagy of NY Communities for Change, who filled us in on last week’s Dec 6  and ongoing action Occupy Our Homes!

Greg Palast checked in to once again make our heads spin while talking about the crazy stories he tells in his new book, Vultures Picnic!

I also filled you in on my trip to DC last week to cover Take Back the Capitol, and my run-ins with my “congressman” Allen West….

Today on the show:

One of the more visible faces of the Occupy Wall Street movement thanks to a brilliant interview he gave Fox “News” (that never aired, yet went viral anyway) Jesse LaGreca will join  me in the first hour of the show!

In hour two, my senatorial hero – Bernie Sanders!  Senator Sanders will tell us about the Saving American Democracy amendment that he introduced last week.  It’s the senate companion to the OCCUPIED amendment offered a few weeks ago in the House by Rep Ted Deutch. It’s the first time in his long and storied congressional career that Senator Sanders has ever introduced a constitutional amendment.  He’ll explain why he did it now! ( And I’ll explain how I happened to be in the Senate gallery when he spoke about it!)

In the third hour, my friend Joshua Holland will join us by phone from San Francisco. He’s an editor and senior writer at AlterNet, and has been doing an amazing job covering the Occupy movement from his perch near Oakland.  He was at the Port of Oakland yesterday, and will fill us in on yesterday’s West Coast Port Shutdown actions…

As for tomorrow… we’ll see what the next 24 hours brings!

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