From marching to shine a spotlight on the need to address climate change to Flooding Wall Street, this is a week of action. Today, the UN Climate Summit begins, though it’ll happen without the presence of leaders from two of the biggest climate warming culprits on the planet, China and India.

Joshua Holland, senior digital producer for Moyers & Company, and host of Politics and Reality Radio was at both the People’s Climate March and the #FloodWallStreet action, and joined me this morning to talk about all of it.

Before the UN General Assembly convened yesterday, actress Emma Watson (best known for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies), in her role as UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador on Saturday gave a speech at UN headquarters announcing the launch of a campaign called “HeForShe,” which aims to include men and boys in the global dialogue to end inequalities faced by women and girls.

Although the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and many tens of thousands of men signed on to show their support at He For She, it also brought out the worst of sexist, entitled men. As Gawker reports,

The address was widely hailed—“game-changing,”“stirring,”“powerful”—and it drew the attention of men’s rights trolls over at 4chan, one of whom is now threatening to leak nude photos of Watson.

The user (his identity is not known) has started a website with the url emmayouarenext.com, and is claiming that Watson will be the latest famous woman to have her nudes revealed for the world to see. The page displays a countdown, as seen above; it says that images of Watson will be distributed in roughly four days.
We certainly wouldn’t want to ascribe grown-up status on all men, now would we? John Oliver pointed out on Sunday night that we’re not even close…

We’ve still got a long way to go, baby.

I’ll be back tomorrow to take on yet another day, radio or not…