There Is No Planet B

Nicole discusses yesterday's largest-ever climate march and what we must do to change things. Engineer/inventor Mitch Heldt guests to tell us about some planet-saving inventions he's working on. Howie Klein joins in for The Steve Israel Hour, sponsored by Little Debbie to talk about climate-concerned candidates, Debbie's woes and what a real progressive looks like.

One More Day of Double Duty!

  **Audio fixed to include entire show... sorry for the inconvenience!*** Randi Rhodes returns from a long Presidents Day Weekend tomorrow, so I get to fill in one more day! This afternoon, we'll chat with American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten!  Also on the show this afternoon, Lee Fang of The Nation and comedian/broadcaster Julianna Forlano. Julianna will also be on my show this morning, talking about Sunday's Forward on Climate rally. She was there, and did lots of interviews, including these: And it's Tuesday, so The Political Carnival's GottaLaff brought us these stories to talk about today: VIDEO– [...]

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USA: We Do Big Things

Am I the only one who felt Jeffrey Immelt's influence here?  When President Obama proclaimed "We do big things," my mind went to the old GE commercials "We bring good things to light." Perhaps it was just me. But I do remember hearing that the Democrats were going to bring some Madison Avenue types in to help with their messaging.  If "We do big things" is the best they can do, they need to go back to Mad Men and try again. So much was made of the integrated seating at last night's State of the Union address. Democrats and [...]

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