9-16-15 Arrrgh!! No Show Again Today!

 Well, we got two shows in before everything went to hell again! When last we spoke, I told you that Alienware, the brand of the computer that's turned my life into a living hell for the better part of the last year, helped me get the machine up and running. In fact, it was operating better than it had since... well, since I've had it. But it still wasn't right, and Alienware's next mode of attack was to send someone out to replace the audio card and motherboard to which it is attached.This was my fourth visit by an Alienware-contracted techie. [...]

9-10-15 No Nicole Sandler Show again

One of the worst things about running a media empire from my home studio is that I don't have an IT staff.Last year, a generous listener sent me a donation to be used for a new machine from which to run my show. As he works with computers, he suggested I check out the Alienware line. They're gaming computers, and are able to handle a lot of stuff going on at the same time.Unfortunately, this computer has never worked right. Aside from the usual glitches (programs hanging up on start and non-responsiveness), my biggest problems were the audio issues.Regular listeners [...]

9-8-15 No Nicole Sandler Show Today

 I now know the meaning of Epic Fail first hand. Since getting this new computer with all the bells and whistles last year, I've had nothing but problems. The problems won last night when the computer rebelled and refused to let me in, and it went downhill from there.I'm awaiting a call from tech support to try to fix the problems, but it has sidelined me for today. Keep your fingers crossed that we can resume our regular schedule tomorrow. Stay tuned....

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