Well that was frustrating! I spent the last week in computer hell. And in the world of online radio, we live and die by the computer!

We’re up and running in temporary mode as I await the return of my rebuilt Mac, and for the Alienware tech to show up, probably on Wednesday afternoon, to replace the motherboard and audio card on this computer to see if my long-suffering computer woes may be nearing the end. We’ll see.

In the meantime, we had a lot to talk about today from the Iran deal getting enough votes to survive, the anti-Iran rally with the crazy caucus, to the Kim Davis mess, plus Huckabee hysterics and more religious hypocrisy and showboating. And speaking of too much religion in politics, I weighed in with my opinion of the Stephen Colbert interview with Joe Biden.

Joel Silberman once again pleasantly surprised me, as I was sure he’d be with the multitudes on social media who were offended that I didn’t like the interview! But he not only agreed, but took my criticisms and cynicism a step further. You really just have to listen.

Over in the UK, long-time populist progressive Jeremy Corbyn shocked the political establishment and so-called journalists and won a big victory over the weekend, becoming the leader of the Labour Party in a huge mandate! 

I reached out to Denis Campbell,  founder and publisher of UK Progressive Magazine, author of seven books on politics, the Middle East and Customer Excellence and Co-Host of The Three Muckrakers podcast with former BBC anchor Phil Parry and Dr. Dario Llinares from the University of Brighton. He is a commentator for the BBC, itv, Al Jazeera English, CNN International, pbs, Hong Kong TV and China Radio International. He will soon make a giant leap from commentary to elected office when he runs or stands as the Brits call it next May for a seat in the Welsh Assembly Government, Wales’ Parliament. Simply, growing up in MA he had ted Kennedy and Ed Brooke as examples of classic middle ground seekers. He wants to change the poisonous dialogue in UK (and US) politics and help “get stuff done.” He spent last Saturday with others in the Liberal Democrats Party or LibDems for the Wales says #RefugeesWelcome rally and march in Cardiff.

He told us about Corbyn’s rise to power and the conditions that brought around such a big victory.

During the show, I tried to monitor Bernie Sanders’ speech at Liberty University. I’ll pull some good stuff from it for tomorrow, when GottaLaff returns too… See you then, radio or not!