5-23-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Across the Pond with Denis Campbell @UKProgressive

With so much insanity in the world, Nicole Sandler checks in with a friend in the UK. Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive magazine and co-host of the Three Muckrakers podcast guests today.

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6-27-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Here We Go Again

I returned to the air today after being out most of last week with a nasty case of bronchitis and a sinus infection too. And boy did I pick a hell of a week to get sick! Today, I did my best to recap the events of the past week, and focus in on two big stories. My old colleague Jim DeFede, now an investigative reporter at Miami's CBS4 and host of Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede tore down the curtain around Congressman and would-be senator Patrick Murphy with a mind-blowing story about the fake resume Murphy has been touting, [...]

3-22-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Love Trumps Hate

The world awoke to another terrorist attack, this time in Brussels, Belgium. We begin today's show checking in with Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive, for an update. Fellow commentator Benjamin Dixon weighs in on the 2016 primary season as we enter the second half. And the Gliberal Goddesses re-convene for some fabulous female facts as Women's History Month continues...

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9-14-15 Nicole Sandler Show – We’re Back!

Nicole Sandler returns to RadioorNot.com after a week sidelined due to computer problems. She'll recap our lost week, talk with media trainer Joel Silberman and UK Progressive Denis Campbell about Jeremy Corbyn's big win in England

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The UK vs Gun Crazy USA

A group of gun crazy people are actually staging a "Gun Appreciation Day" on Saturday.  Seriously.  Somehow, I got on their email list and have been receiving their insane notices for the past week or so.  Now they're writing asking for money to advertise their misguided adventure on right wing media, as they want to "expose the weak and emotionally predatory arguments of the political Left." (Yes, that was actual verbiage from their latest missive to me.) I went to their website and clicked on the "press" tab, and found contact information for  media inquiries, press statements and interview requests.: Contact: Alex [...]

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