Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show – 7-19-24

    I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. Thank Dog it's Friday so we can stick a fork in this week. But another one is coming right behind this one with plenty more shit to be stirred. At least have this hour each week to get together with Marcy Wheeler, independent journalist at emptywheel.net, to dissect the events of the week. To day this was a busy one is a huge understatement. It was a smorgasbord on insanity that included an attempted Trump assassination, Judge Aileen Cannon tossing the entire Stolen Documents case including the indictment, the Republican [...]

Rachel Bitecofer Returns to Explain How We Win – Nicole Sandler Show – 7-17-24

 Political Scientist, Election Strategist and author of the must-read book, Hit 'Em Where It Hurts: How to Save Democracy by Beating Republicans at their Own Game, Rachel Bitecofer returns to the show today to tell Democrats how to win. All we need to do is listen to her and do what she suggests! Take notes.. We got this! Tomorrow, Lisa Graves returns to the show to tell us about the new project she's working on, Project 2025 Administration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISdcdVCgDDQ

It’s Monday and Boy Do We Have Your F^$king News Nicole Sandler Show – 7-15-24

     The shit show that is the 2024 presidential election season is rolling right off a cliff. I had planned on playing President Biden's speech delivered Friday at a high-energy back on track rally in Detroit. And then Saturday happened. I'm trying very hard to stay positive, to veer away from conspiracy theories and to present only facts. But the right wing propaganda machine is in full swing, and as greasy and oily as possible. Jonathan Larsen is here today from thefuckingnews.substack.com to help me wade through the muck...   As promised, in case you didn't see President [...]

Emptywheel Fridays – The ‘Joe Biden’s Old’ Pearl Clutching Edition – Nicole Sandler Show 7-12-24

 It's Friday, time for our weekly get-together with Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel.net for a discussion of the week's news and ongoing media malpractice. Today, we discuss President Biden's solo press conference last night at the end of the NATO 75th anniversary summit, and the mainstream media's apparent missive to hand the election over to the fascists unless we can stop the circular firing squad and doomsayers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXgNEQwRdI0

Saving Our Democracy- NOTHING MATTERS MORE with Digby- Nicole Sandler Show – 7-11-24

 The Democratic circular firing squad continues and TFG keeps proving HE'S the one with mental issues we should be truly concerned about. I talk about Opposite World all the time. We're stuck there. Today we're joined by Heather "Digby" Parton - one of the smartest and most sensible people I know who you should be reading regularly at digbysblog.net and salon.com I had planned on carrying President Biden's press conference today. It was scheduled to start at 5:30 ET, right in the middle of our show. But then they pushed it back an hour. Ugh.... We'll still watch, [...]

France & the UK Beat Fascism, We Can Too – Nicole Sandler Show – 7-10-24

 We saw huge election wins for liberals over the far right in France and the UK in the last week. We can and should do it here as well, but we have to pay attention to what they did in Europe and learn from their actions. Today, we'll reach across the pond to an old friend of the show. Dave Johnson moved to England last year, and joins us today to talk about being an ex-pat, life in England, our political conundrum and how they beat back fascism over there. And I explain how we win... truly, I [...]

Some Media Gets It Right with Will Bunch on the Nicole Sandler Show – 7-9-24

     We've been inundated with journalistic malpractice as much of the corporate media has led the charge to destroy President Biden's candidacy. I've certainly criticized the NY Times, Wall St Journal, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and more than a few *pundits* who are attempting to lead the masses down a disastrous road. Today, I'm going to salute some who are being responsible, like the Philadephia Inquirer who published an editorial calling on D'ump to leave the race, and Inquirer National Columnist WILL BUNCH - today's guest - who writes in his latest column, "I will support whatever approach [...]

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Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show – 7-5-24

       Another week comes to a close so it's time for our weekly discussion with Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel.net about what happened. It was this week that SCOTUS ended what's left of our democracy, basically giving Trump everything he asked for and more in terms of "absolute immunity," Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, Joe Biden is old.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvqIHagvCeY

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Independence Day Eve with John Fugelsang on the Nicole Sandler Show – 7-3-24

    Tomorrow is the day we set aside to celebrate America's independence from the monarchy. Thanks to the Extreme Court's ruling announced yesterday, it might be our last one. I could think of no better guest for this wake than my old friend - comedian, actor, broadcaster John Fugelsang. It's been too long since we've spoken. But I've always marveled at his inherent ability to make us laugh in the face of things the are simply not funny. He's got a high bar to clear today, but I have no doubt that he will. Reminder, I'll be here [...]

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Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show (SCOTUS/Debate edition) – 6-28-24

       It's time for our weekly get-together info download with Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel.net. And it's another week ending with out disbelief over what's happening in our corner of the world.... After last night's debate and this morning's group of SCOTUS rulings, I can't help but envy Marcy's living in Ireland. Today, we try to make sense of all that happened this week. Again, buckle in. It's a rough road ahead. As promised, the link to read and subscribe to Heather Cox Richardson's substack is heathercoxrichardson.substack.com.  Click here for last night's newsletter which was her take on [...]

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