Well, we got two shows in before everything went to hell again! 

When last we spoke, I told you that Alienware, the brand of the computer that’s turned my life into a living hell for the better part of the last year, helped me get the machine up and running. In fact, it was operating better than it had since… well, since I’ve had it. But it still wasn’t right, and Alienware’s next mode of attack was to send someone out to replace the audio card and motherboard to which it is attached.

This was my fourth visit by an Alienware-contracted techie. Seriously. And he was the worst! I had a bad feeling when he took the new motherboard out of its protective sleeve before he even opened the computer, looked at it, and had trouble putting it back in its sleeve. And it went downhill from there.

After two hours and what should have been a 20 minute procedure, he couldn’t get the thing to boot. (Never mind the fact that at least twice he closed the back without having plugged everything back in.)

Long story short: Another complete reinstall of Windows! After doing one a few days earlier. AND to make matters worse, I had just gotten most of the software and files reinstalled and set up correctly, and now I’m back to square one again.

Actually, I’m two steps behind square one because this thing is running worse that I can remember.

They finally agreed that it’s time to replace this lemon. The problem is that it’ll take up to 10 days. So, I’ve been trying to get this piece of shit computer back up and running enough to do the show in the meantime. 

I tried to be ready for this morning’s show. I failed. I spent most of today on the phone with tech support again to get some bugs ironed out. It’s now 5:12 and I’m finally posting this blog. I’m going to try to sleep for a bit, because tonight is GOP debate #2!

I plan on being back tomorrow… glitches and all (and there WILL be glitches). But we have Driftglass and Howie Klein standing by for tomorrow and, sorry – can’t help myself – the debate is tonight.

So keep your fingers crossed and I’ll talk to you in the morning, radio or not!