Flashback Friday June 21, 2013 Live from Netroots Nation in San Jose

Instead of repeating a show that just recently ran, I like to use these days to jump in the wayback machine. I've been hosting this show online since Air America went off the air on January 21, 2010-- the same day the Supreme Court ruled on Citizen's United.  There's lots to choose from. Today, we go back nine years. It was a fun, live broadcast from Netroots Nation in San Jose. The show ran over two hours that day. This is sloppily edited for time. If you want to see the whole thing, it's at on YouTube. But here's the [...]

8-8-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Remembering Joel Silberman

Media trainer and progressive strategist Joel Silberman was a regular guest on the Nicole Sandler Show for about a year, until Nicole went on hiatus to deal with her lung cancer diagnosis. When she returned Joel continued to guest occasionally. Last June, Joel was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought valiantly, until his passing last week. Today, Nicole shares Joel's final appearance on the show, from March 2, to pay tribute to her friend and share his grace and wisdom one last time. The Joel Silberman Fund has been created to celebrate the life and extend the work of legendary [...]

8-2-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Thursdays with Howie Klein

After an update on the news of the day, Nicole Sandler welcomes Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC back for their weekly get-together discussing politics, elections and more. And we note the passing of the amazing Joel Silberman.

3-2-18 Nicole Sandler Show -An Attitude of Gratitude with Joel Silberman

Nicole welcomes media trainer and strategist Joel Silberman back to the show. The last time he was on, he told us of his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Today he gives us an update and we discuss how to keep a good attitude in the wake of bad news, and more.

6-23-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Friday with Joel Silberman

Today, I'm thrilled to welcome my friend, media trainer and strategist, Joel Silberman to talk about politics, the future of healthcare, cancer and more. The website I gave out to use to call some of the more "moderate" Republicans most likely to vote against the GOP Wealthcare bill is TrumpcareToolkit.org. Please use it every day!

3-1-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Good News and About That Speech with Joel Silberman

We'll get to the speech in a moment. But first, good news! Seriously. With the news dominated by a sociopathic, narcissistic megalomaniac, we need something to counter the insanity. So I'd like to start each show with some good news. I'll need your help in coming up with five good news stories to share each day, so please email me your good news stories.. Buoyed by Anti-Trump Activism, Democrat Wins Delaware Special ElectionMIDDLETOWN, Del. ― On Saturday, in a state Senate district in Delaware that stretches from Middletown to Newark, the voices in the streets turned into votes in the [...]

1-20-17 Nicole Sandler Show – The Day Democracy Cried

As unbelievable as it may seem, Donald Trump (D'ump as I like to save time and abbreviate it) was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States today. I watched the ugly spectacle so you didn't have to, and discussed my observations on today's show with the always astute and insightful Joel Silberman. I did promise to share a few things, like the Vox annotated version of the worst inaugural speech ever... And, I started the show with one of my favorite memories that was sadly thrust back into my consciousness when I heard the news that Miguel [...]

12-2-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Post-Truth Era

  Donald Trump is a fucking liar. And his surrogates are going out claiming that facts are subjective. ARGHH! Seriously, listen to this exchange on NPR's Dianne Rehm Show with Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes in which she claims There is no such thing unfortunately anymore as facts Aside from the fact that it's grammatically horrendous, it's factually fucking insane! Listen here. I couldn't ever even conceive of something as contrary to common sense as that. Thankfully Joel Silberman was able to join us today. He always brings a bit of sanity to the proceedings! And RIP to Cherie Haskins, [...]

11-19-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Media Madness with Joel Silberman

My friend Joel Silberman was my regular Monday morning guest back when this show was on weekday mornings at 10. When I moved my show to begin later in the day, he was busy working on a few campaigns. So today was the first time we got to chat. We discussed a lot, from the normalization of D'ump's behavior to the media's very complicit role in handing over the White House.

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