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As long as Rachel Maddow continues to spotlight Congress’s disappearing act, I’ll continue to post her rants. Above is her latest.

Our Congress has not nearly as much interest (as the UK) in this matter.

[Boehner] doesn’t want this existing Congress to debate military action, he wants it to be the new one, the next Congress, as in, “the one that isn’t elected yet” that will convene next year in 2015.

Now that the war has started in Iraq and Syria, and they say it will be a years-long effort, we figured they’d have two options: Congress could come back from the two month vacation they just gave themselves and vote on authorizing the war, like the Brits are doing. Or, if they really wanted to wuss out, they could *stay* on vacation until the elections in November, and then come back after the election in the lame duck session and vote on authorizing the war then.

…John Boehner opened up Door Number Three when he suggested, “No, no. How about next year instead?”

So NO vote on the war before it started, NO vote once it started when they were still in session, NO vote once the war expanded into a second country, NO vote before the election, now he says NO vote after the election either.

And then Rachel shows video proving the GOP’s ultimate hypocrisy. Watch, starting at around 3:24. Yes, we’re supposed to feel afraid, VERY afraid of ISIS because they— dun-dun-dun-n!— could be coming for us RIGHT HERE! So the message is now: “‘Vote for us! We promise to go home and run ads like this to scare you!’ instead of meeting the absolute barest constitutional responsibility to at least talk about this threat. We are afraid to even TALK about it. So if YOU feel afraid, vote for us.”

Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe these posers.

A few thoughts:

–John Boehner is an embarrassment and a complete failure as Speaker of the House. See: Strong indications John Boehner is bad at his job, and: VIDEO: “John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job.” Look up the word “coward” in the dictionary. You’ll find his name.

–We should not be paying these slackers so much as one lousy cent. If they ever decide to show up and do their jobs, then we can reconsider.

–Congress members (Dems and Republicans alike) care more about staying in office and fundraising than doing what they were hired to do, making laws. How patriotic of them. How compassionate. How work-ethic-y. How respectful to the people from whom they grovel for donations. We’re talking about putting human lives at risk, human lives lost (stop calling them “boots on the ground,” these are living, breathing human beings). We’re talking about war. We’re talking about war that could likely last a decade or more. A war that will end the lives of innocents “on the ground” (as they love to put it) as well as of Americans fighting a losing battle.

But to those we voted into office, being re-elected takes precedence over trivial matters like spending billions more on the same actions and policies that haven’t worked in the past. Who knows if they’ll work now, but hey, the bombing and killing are already in progress. It’s highly doubtful they will, IMHO. The region is a hot, complicated mess.

–Our elected officials give new meaning to the word “invertebrate.”

–Republicans give new meaning to the word “assholes.”

–The hypocrisy of the GOP is more astounding every day. These are the same self-righteous flag-wavers who are suing the president for taking executive action without their consent, without so much as a debate. Now they have the staggering gall to allow that same president to drop bombs all over the place without their consent, without so much as a debate. Permission tacitly granted. Now on to other more important business, like, how’s that lawsuit going? And, BENGHAZI!!! And, IRS!

We can do something, you know. Besides using our voices in writing, calls, and protests, we can vote. Let’s be loud and clear. Let’s send them a message they can’t ignore or run away from.


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