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It’s one of those Tuesdays when is here. That’s where you’ll find her live “tooting” events like yesterday’s historic under-oath testimony in a multi-million dollar fraud suit for which TFG has already been found liable. This is not-so-simply the penalty phase.
The bratty man-child had a tantrum on the stand and off the stand. Of course it was the circus we’d expected, but without cameras in the room, the extent of his bratty child act mostly went unreported. But Laffy was monitoring the coverage from reporters in the courtroom and she aggregated all the coverage on Mastodon. She’ll do the same with Ivanka’s testimony tomorrow, so make note of her Mastodon address.

Today on the show, Laffy will share some of what went on yesterday and preview what will happen tomorrow, maybe even bringing Vanky in for a quick visit.
She’ll also share the horror of realizing that the murder of an old man in LA – a Jewish man supporting Israel- happened right in her neighborhood.

Before I bring Laffy on, I promised I’d bring receipts to explain why I will no longer read The Nation or bring any of it’s writers on my show again. This is a tough one, as The Nation has been a go-to for me for decades. But two of the writers, who I had considered friends, and the publisher, up to now a friendly acquaintance, have all chosen to support the terrorists over the hostages, Hamas over Israel and Jews. And yes, it is that simple. I will sadly explain at the top of the show.