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If you don’t know GottaLaff, you probably never were active on Twitter. Now that it’s Xitter, Laffy is off Twitter but continuing to aggregate news on Mastodon. You can follow here there And of course, you can hear her here every other Tuesday (or thereabouts)… Today we’ll likely be all over the place (what else is new?). Laffy and Mr. Laffy are dealing with the loss of Mr. Laffy’s father a few days ago. Those who remember Laffy’s former website, The Political Carnival, might recall that she often posted some of his comedy writing. We’ll see if she can find some of his writings to share with us.
Plus, Michael Cohen is testifying against his former boss, the former guy, today. And the Republicans have a new nominee for Speaker. Word is that some Democrats may sit out the vote to help the Republicans since they obviously can’t help themselves, and there must be a Speaker in place in order for any votes to come to the floor. Since they can’t help themselves, the Democrats will have to come to the rescue.
Laffy’s been live tooting it, so she’ll bring us up to date on what’s happened today.
But wait, there’s more. Another former attorney for the former guy has also flipped. Today it was Jenna Ellis who took a plea deal to sing. Stay tuned!