gun appreciation day

A group of gun crazy people are actually staging a “Gun Appreciation Day” on Saturday.  Seriously.  Somehow, I got on their email list and have been receiving their insane notices for the past week or so.  Now they’re writing asking for money to advertise their misguided adventure on right wing media, as they want to “expose the weak and emotionally predatory arguments of the political Left.” (Yes, that was actual verbiage from their latest missive to me.)

I went to their website and clicked on the “press” tab, and found contact information for  media inquiries, press statements and interview requests.:

Contact: Alex Rosenwald

I tried calling during the show, but Alex was unavailable.  The polite young man who answered the phone declined to engage with me, and wouldn’t answer whether or not he appreciates assault weapons (I got the feeling that he didn’t)… But if you have some spare time today, feel free to try yourself.

The miscreants behind this event, upon realizing that it would happen on the weekend we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day, actually stated that Dr. King would be in favor of this outing.  I’m not usually a big Rev. Al Sharpton fan, but he put this organizer in his place last night.

Way to go Rev!

This morning on the show, I spent much of the first hour chatting with an American living in England.  Dennis Campbell is the man behind UK Progressive and the new World View Show.  We talked about the differences between living in the UK and the US when it comes to everything from healthcare to media to guns.  It was a pretty fascinating conversation; one that I’m always interested in undertaking whenever I encounter Americans living in other parts of the world.

In hour two, it was our weekly shooting the shit segment with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival.  Each week, she sends some of her top posts of the week. This week, shocker, they were all about our gun crazy culture here in the USA…

Hey Moms ‘n’ Dads! NRA has a shooting game app for your kiddies – as young as four! – with targets in the shape of coffins!

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Police: Fla. teen who bought gun illegally accidentally shot off his penis and testicle. Got regret?

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NBC Sports is sponsoring the largest gun show in America

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VIDEO– Peggy Noonan: “People are buying guns like crazy now. Not because they’re nutty…”

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