belgian heart


The world awoke this morning to news of another horrific terror attack, this time in Brussels, Belgium, where the asshole who helped lead and plan the terror attack in Paris a few months ago was captured. As the numbers of dead and injured continue rising, the world waits in horror for the other, proverbial, shoe to drop.

We started things off today by reaching out to Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive and co-host of the Three Muckrakers podcast. Denis is based in Wales,   so certainly much closer to today’s ground zero, and definitely with a different perspective on how these terrorists are affecting those in Europe. Make no mistake, we’re all in this together… but people like D’ump aren’t helping our cause. 

Our friend Benjamin Dixon of The Benjamin Dixon Show returned for another meeting of the minds of Bernie Sanders supporters… 

And today was Gliberal Goddess™ Tuesday, when GottaLaff, Amy Simon and I get together to talk about whatever the fuck we feel like talking about. Of course, it’s still Women’s History Month, so Amy went into She’s History mode for a bit… and of course, I had to get all scatalogical and call out D’ump for his little dick… I even had fun with Photoshop…


Don’t forget… today is election day in Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Please get out and vote….  and we’ll either celebrate tomorrow … or not!

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