The 2016 Cirque de Shite Pauses For the Finishing Off of One Krispy Christie

  Let us offer up hope that a grinning Loretta Lynch knows the digits of a satirical florist in Fort Lee … the ultimate Big Man Jig appears to finally be up. Quick vote:  So, how many progressives beside moi and Laffy are jumping up and down inside about the epic Bridgegate news?!? Smug has a whole new meaning when a rat-trap like the FBI nets a biggie,  New Jersey gubernatorial body Christopher Christie. […]

New Beginning

  This morning, I was thrilled to make it official and welcome GottaLaff to Radio Or Not! I know, you're thinking, "Laffy has been doing the show on Tuesday mornings with Nicole for years. What's this all about?" (sure you are...). Well, after running The Political Carnival for so long, Laffy needs to take it a little easier. So, from here on out, when she decides to write a post, it'll show up here at Laffy's Place at RoN. Laffy continues with me each Tuesday morning for snark and fun during the second hour of each show, and that tradition [...]

Home sweet home

Dear Everyone, For years I was housed at The Political Carnival as one of its founders, editors, and of course, writers. But things change (please follow that link for the whole story). I am so thrilled to be part of Radio Or Not full time now! Nicole and I have worked together for so many years, it was a natural move and a great fit. Living at her place seems more like moving back home than moving away from my TPC home of seven-plus years. I'll be posting my usual snark here at Laffy's Place from time to time, and [...]

Defending McCain

That's Meghan McCain I'm defending, not her demented father.  I never thought I'd do that, but after seeing her on The Rachel Maddow Show last night, I realized  that -though while she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier - she does make some good points. In this day and age of the crazier the better for people of the right-leaning persuasion, it's refreshing to hear a self-identified Republican say things that make sense.  She's on the right (left) side when it comes to LGBT rights - including marriage equality and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  For speaking [...]

Monday, Round Two!

After three hours of hosting Randi's show, it was time to return to my show. Cindy Sheehan returned to give us an update on what happened when she went to court last week, and I was joined in the second hour by GottaLaff (Laffy) from The Political Carnival. At the top of the show, I checked in with Kenny Pick, who held down the fort while I was out all last week (and will fill in for me again tomorrow when I'm flying to Vegas).   Kenny and his posse will also be hosting a Friday night show here at Radio [...]

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