9-4-23 Nicole Sandler’s Labor Day Music Show

On major holidays, I put on the DJ hat and play music for the occasion. Today, we celebrate Labor Day! And yes, I'm doing it live. Have a request? Don't call, but text it to me at 954-889-6410 and I'll see what I can do. But remember, we have a theme...

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New Beginning

  This morning, I was thrilled to make it official and welcome GottaLaff to Radio Or Not! I know, you're thinking, "Laffy has been doing the show on Tuesday mornings with Nicole for years. What's this all about?" (sure you are...). Well, after running The Political Carnival for so long, Laffy needs to take it a little easier. So, from here on out, when she decides to write a post, it'll show up here at Laffy's Place at RoN. Laffy continues with me each Tuesday morning for snark and fun during the second hour of each show, and that tradition [...]

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