Racism is Alive and Well in America

I could think of no better topic for today's show than the chronic problem of racism in America. I am not a supporter of Eric Holder's.  I think he's done a lousy job as Attorney General, but he sure did deliver a brilliant speech at the NAACP convention in Orlando yesterday. In case you missed it, it's worth a view or a read of the transcript. I played some of the pertinent parts on the show this morning, including these quotes: This afternoon I want to assure you of two things: I am concerned about this case and  - and [...]

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Who Agreed Zimmerman Said “Punks” and not “Coons”?

  Ever since I heard prosecutor John Guy misquote George Zimmerman in his shocking expletive-laced opening statement to the jury, I've been wondering why they would stipulate that the killer didn't use the racial epithet that so clearly assaults my ears each time I hit 'play'. But the first words out his mouth after saying "Good morning" to the jury, was "fucking punks". That is NOT what George Zimmerman said on that 911 call. I don't care how many "experts" say otherwise, but I've listened over and over, and hear quite clearly Zimmerman's hatred and racism seethe in his under-his-breath [...]

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Trayvon Martin and FloriDUH

A 17-year old black man named Trayvon Martin was the victim of a racist murderer who is standing behind the law, know as "Stand Your Ground."  The only thing more heinous is that the police in Sanford, Florida have let him do it. Not only is the murderer a racist, but Trayvon Martin is the victim of a hate crime.  The evidence is right there in George Zimmerman's 911 call.  Here's the whole thing: If you listen closely, right around the 2:22 mark, you'll hear Mr. Zimmerman, under his breath, mutter "Fucking coons". Listen here: The news broke this morning [...]

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