Stepping away from my usual “opposite world” meme – in honor of Absurdity Today‘s Julianna Forlanos regular Thursday appearance, we deem today “Absurdity Thursday”.

I started this morning’s show with the intention of lightening things up after a really awful week.  But as the show progressed and we talked about the stories we didn’t get to earlier in the week, I realized that each was more absurd than the last… from McDonald’s starting a financial planning site (be sure to look at the numbers they filled in on page 4)  to show their obscenely underpaid employees that they can, indeed, support a family of four on around$13,000 a year, to Texas state officials confiscating tampons and other female hygiene items from people hoping to observe the debate over a new anti-abortion law – while simultaneously allowing those with concealed weapons easy express-line access.

Is there any word for those stories other than absurd?

I invited a new friend on the show today, also in an effort to end the week on a lighter note -though I’m not sure we were successful on that front, as once again, the topics bordered on the insane.  Sarah Burris works at Daily Kos, helping to promote the stories that are trending on the site and pushing out important memes…  I thought we’d address some of the stories she included in the last few email blasts she sent out (sign up for that list here!).

Yes, for the most part, absurd is the word is the word is the word….