A jury in FloriDUH found the killer of Jordan Davis guilty of the attempted murder of the three teens he didn’t kill when he shot 10 rounds into the SUV that was playing loud music, but couldn’t come to a verdict on the murder charge against him for actually killing Jordan Davis.

In honor of Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin and the other innocent victims of “Stand Your Ground” whose names we don’t know, I give you this song from Patty Griffin:

Today is a President’s Day double-header… so pardon my brevity, but I’m heading up to Randi Rhodes‘ studio to guest host her show shortly.

On Radio or Not this morning, I spoke with MSNBC.com‘s Ned Resnikoff abouut the growing epidemic of hunger in America, and the anti-union vote in Tennessee on Friday night. Ned will also join me on Randi’s show this afternoon to continue the conversation.

Nicole Belle joined in from Crooks & Liars as she does every Monday morning for our “Fools on the Hill” segment:

Apparently the harshness of the winter storms the East Coast has received may have clued in the Powers That Be that maybe there’s something to that global warming that liberals have been warned about. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop conservatives from muddying the waters as much as possible to prevent us from having a real discussion about the catastrophic issues facing us.

So George Will—who is never right about anything—assures us that man-made global warming is a hoax because it got warmer during the Middle Ages as well.

And Bill Nye once again legitimized that anti-science crowd by agreeing to appear opposite TN congressperson Marsha Blackburn rather than asserting from the outset that this is not a subject up for debate and instead challenges her to stop denying it and help the country start leading in solutions.

Humorously, Bob Schieffer got NC Governor Pat McCrory to do some backtracking on his claim a couple of weeks ago that climate change was in “God’s hands.”

Lest you think that climate change is the only thing that Republicans are backwards on, Mitt Romney tries to deflect the growing tide of states and attitudes regarding marriage equality by saying that in his eyes, marriage shouldn’t change from the state it’s been in since biblical times.  Seriously, the Mormon just said that.

And now, I just want you to hear the shift into substance when one of the Sunday shows actually allows an unapologetic liberal on its panel, as Katrina Vanden Heuvel steers the debate away from the political horse race and into policy, much to Peggy Noonan’s harrumphing discontent.

On the Randi Rhodes Show this afternoon

Ned Resnikoff joins me again to talk more about the growing hunger pangs in the US. Jeff Sharlet will check in to talk about being gay in Russa, and what it’s like for gays at the Olympics.  John Fugelsang is coming back to South Florida with the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour.. .and will weigh in on all the news, including the myriad of problems here in FloriDUH.

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