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Last night’s primary results were not what we wanted but were about what we expected. Bernie won Rhode Island, and Hillary won the other four states. The corporate media will continue to call for Sanders to drop out, and Bernie and Jane will continue to say what they’ve said all along, that they’re in it until the last votes are counted, and then it’s on to the convention.

Jane went on MSNBC yesterday afternoon and had to explain that NO means NO!


On Wednesday’s Deborah Newell joins me to share some stories from the FloriDUH files. Of course, we’ve been preoccupied by the primaries, and spent most of our time this morning discussing the results from last night and the crazy media narrative demanding that Bernie Sander drop out of the race.

But we spent the second hour of the show, and an additional 90 minutes, remembering what happened five years ago this week when I was arrested at a “Town Hall Meeting” with my then-Congressman Allen Grayson for trying to ask him a question.

Here’s some of the supporting info, including the arrest report on which the cop lied, the macing incident report on which the BSO deputy who mace me lied, and more…





We ran over our regular extended time today so I could play back my show from the day after my arrest when I told the whole sordid tale. Should you care to listen, just click the player below:

 And finally, I shared a once-in-a-lifetime moment with an old friend and his 10-year old daughter who got to get up on stage with Springsteen Monday night at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn for the final show of the US leg of The River tour and sang “Blinded by the Light” with him. Diana and Michael Zorek joined at the end of the first part of today’s show. Here’s the video of the performance!