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Things are slowly getting back to normal in the aftermath of Trump, but he took us so far out in right field that it’s going to take a while. As the 117th Congress settles in, we see big problems arising, especially with a few of the freshmen Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert and Madison Caufield.

We’re learning more about Taylor Green because of some old video and Facebook posts that have surfaced and show just how malevolent she is. And today we learned that her people threatened to arrest a reporter who dared to ask a question at a Town Hall meeting.

Funny, I had a similar experience almost 10 years ago now. I tell the whole story, but here’s the short version. Allen West was my Congressman. I went to a Town Hall Meeting to ask him about his vote to privatize Medicare. Because I shouted out a question, I was arrested, kept overnight in the Broward County Jail, thrown into solitary confinement, and had pepper foam sprayed in my eyes.

It was April 26, 2011, so we’re closing in on 10 years! Here’s some of the video I shot.

Cenk Uyger was, at the time, doing TYT and also had a nightly show on MSNBC.



Today is Thursday, so Howie Klein is here. Coincidentally, he just had a post go live at Down With Tyranny about these reprehensible members of Congress.

Here’s the full show on video, for those who like to watch!