2016 ahead


It’s our penultimate show of 2015… one more tomorrow to wrap things up and stick a fork in this year. 

Today, Deborah Newell Tornello returned for one last dip in the Oy FloriDUH files, for the worst of the Sunshine State. Some of today’s stories included:

Florida Woman Arrested for Driving Cart in Walmart While Drinking Wine and Eating Chicken

Man trying to time travel plows car into Florida businesses

Charged with stalking and exposing himself, Manatee man tells deputies he masturbates in public every day

Woman’s purse swiped while she prays in church, deputies say

Woman defecated during a DUI-enhanced high speed chase

Polk County cop’s wife caught on camera stealing gifts

‘I’ll kill you right now’: Florida man opens fire at McDonald’s restaurant after dispute over order escalates

That about covers the worst (though honestly, I could have found much worse – anything from Trump, for example). For the best, we turn to our friend John Nichols of The Nation, and their 2015 Progressive Honor Roll.

The year isn’t over yet! I’ll be back tomorrow morning to stick a fork in it with Harvey J. Kaye and, hopefully, Howie Klein too. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing tomorrow morning, except perhaps getting ready for my wedding tomorrow afternoon. But radio comes first, or not…