The Iowa caucuses are history.  We could call it much ado about nothing, as it really doesn’t mean anything at all.  Except to Michelle Bachmann to called it quits today after her last place finish yesterday.

It is truly a loss for comedians everywhere.  But honestly, I’m just thrilled I don’t have to hear her call it the Unined States any more.  We did however learn that President Obama is a socialist and, left to his devices, America would become a Socialist country, and “obamacare” will destroy American society and life as we know it. We also learned to pronouce the ‘g’ in poignant. Thanks Michelle!

Columnist, strategist, personality Karl Frish joined me on the show this morning to talk about what happened last night and what will happen going forward.

And in the second hour, South Florida Sun Sentinel columnist Stephen Goldstein joined me to talk about Florida’s future…