2016 has been ugly for aging rock and rollers so far. We lost David Bowie and we lost Glenn Frey. I was planning to play one of my interviews with Jackson Browne (and did on today’s show) when I learned that we lost Paul Kantner last night too. 

What a drag it is getting old….

I did share that Jackson Browne interview today. It was from February 17, 2010, just shy of a month after the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in the Citizens United case on the same day that Air America radio ceased operations. We had been trying to arrange an interview for my Air America show, but by the time our appointed interview day arrived, the network was already dead and buried.

But we spend almost 45 minutes talking about everything from No Nukes to our water issues (yes, six years ago) and more…

I spent the first hour talking news, the debate, T-rump, Democratic Party debate drama and more. (Julianna Forlano is MIA. I’m sure she’s ok, but will post an update when I hear from her).

As promised, watch these. First up, Rachel Maddow outs T-Rump’s veteran scam


And Bernie Sanders’ campaign video “How to Caucus in Iowa” which I find fascinating!


And I’ll be back when things get real on Monday, Caucus Day in Iowa, radio or not!