This big week includes a gigantic Thursday that brings us the final episode of Jon Stewart’s tenure at The Daily Show and the first GOP debate. From the ridiculous to the absurd!

Joel Silberman returned to the show today to talk about those two events, plus the future of MSNBC – who today begins a new chapter without The Cycle, Alex Wagner or Ed Schultz. And the media industrial complex desire for Joe Biden to enter the race. And more.

I began the show explaining where I was Friday… I went to Ft. Lauderdale where the National Urban League was holding its annual conference. On Friday morning, the featured event was a “Presidential Plenary” at which Hillary Clinton, Jeb! Bush, Ben Carson, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders would speak. So, I got press credentials, reached out to Bernie’s people in hopes of getting a few minutes with him and got a show together to play Friday morning.

Sadly, I was stuck outside the hall during Bernie’s speech (thank Hillary, really!), and because of the late start of the event, Bernie skipped the press availability, so the morning was a complete bust. Oh well, I tried. And I got to see his remarks via YouTube…

Brilliant as ever, he’s gaining traction, so of course the “liberal media” does its best to tear him down, starting with Tweety and Shuck Toad. 

That came after I was already seething after reading Eleanor Clift go after Alan Grayson and shill for the corpora-dems who run the party! Acckk!! We’ll deal with that again tomorrow, as Susan Smith of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida joins me to respond to that propaganda.

Do not let them discourage you…

I’m still trying to post today’s podcast. It’s Monday, so I’m having those wonderful tech issues compounded by the fact that it’s Monday… But the audio recording of today’s show failed, and the YouTube video is still processing (three hours later)… But I’m working on it.

Stay tuned, radio or not!