11-26-15 The Day After with Ari Berman, Wesley Lowery & Sen Bob Graham

I was fortunate enough to be able to interview a number of authors at this year's Miami Book Fair, so I thought I'd take advantage of Thanksgiving and the day after to share some of them with you. Today, the guy who probably could have predicted the outcome of our presidential election better than most others, as Ari Berman has been telling us about the whittling away and destruction of the Voting Rights Act for years with his book, Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America. Wesley Lowery was Tweeting from a McDonald's in Ferguson, MO, [...]

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Race and Gender, Meet Modern Guns, Gays and Bibles #OurRevolution

  Guns, Bibles and gays. For those of us who can remember the Johnson-Nixonian era of racial ignorance and nativist pearl clutching (make that pearl-handled derringer clutching for the helpless dames), this decade is ringing in far too many memories of a deliberately divided and globally embarrassing nation at war with itself and it's own liberty. There is some serious work to be done in some 48 days. The update of the Guns, Bibles and gays triangulation is potentially lethal, people. We believed that was as self-sickened a culture as we could imagine, following on the tarred heels of Jim Crow, Vietnam [...]

8-16-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Nothing Makes Sense

Every day I wake up and wonder how the hell we got to this place: fewer than 90 days away from a presidential election with the two most reviled candidates in history as the major party nominees. One of them is politics as usual - in the worse sense of the term, and the other is a narcissist and loose cannon who could conceivably start a nuclear war over a perceived slight. I get that Hillary Clinton was nominated. She's gone through the steps and worked her way up the ladder. I don't like it, but I do understand it. But [...]

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7-11-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Something’s Got to Give

I know it's only Monday, but this has been a really tough week. Crazy enough to give someone a heart attack. Or not. In the last two weeks alone we've seen - literally seen, thanks to all the videos - the most horrific examples of human behavior play out in front of us like unpleasant movies. On June 28, we watched the horror in Istanbul as a group of mass murderers blew up the airport, killing at least 45 people and injuring hundreds more. Since it's the video era, we even got to see the third terrorist blow himself up. The red [...]

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7-7-16 Nicole Sandler Show – No Words

  What a fucked up day. It happened again! This time it was a Minnesota man who was allegedly pulled over because of a broken tail light, although pictures circulating online that show a car with intact tail lights, identified as the car Philando Castile was driving Wednesday evening. His girlfriend, Lavish "Diamond" Reynolds had the presence of mind to start streaming video to Facebook from her cell phone after a cop shot Castile through the window! And now he's dead. A day after Baton Rouge, LA cops shot and killed Alton Sterling, a 37-year old father of five. The [...]

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