3-23-21 Nicole Sandler Show – I’d Take Away the Guns with Dave Johnson

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)     What a shitty day in America. For the second time in less than a week, a sick person with a gun he shouldn't have had access to took a whole bunch of innocent lives. I said last week that the pandemic gave us a respite of sorts from mass shootings. If this is what a return to normalcy brings, I say we're better off hiding at home from the virus...and the bullets. Yesterday it was the formerly idyllic town of Boulder [...]

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10-28-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Debate Prep

Get your drinking game ready, because tonight's the GOP Debate #3 from Boulder, CO. Nicole Sandler gets ready for the fun with Congressman and senatorial candidate Alan Grayson, FloriDUH's Deborah Newell Tornello, and the Campaign for America's Future's Dave Johnson

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Where’s the 2016 Cannabis Animus?

  No campaign cycle Reaganesque Drug War dra-ma on this season of The Apprentice: Oval Office? It's as if none o' the Rethugs can be bothered to give MJ legalization the time or Faux Fvxed Up outrage it deserves! Pitiful effort. A couple dozen +/_ GOP candidates and not a one of them gives an audible damn about bashing the Demon Weed this election cycle?? Is that scaffolding over the dome right now truly just one giant MJ vaping filtration system Congress stealth-ordered way ahead of the District managing to lift 78 years of pot prohibition on itself?   All [...]

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Today’s Show

I thought we needed a little bit of an escape from the disaster that is Washington, DC these days - so I thought laughter would do us some good. Dean Obeidallah told us about his new film, The Muslims Are Coming , a comedy-documentary about a group of Muslim-American comedians traveling around the nation to do free shows (mostly in areas without many Muslims).  Hear that hour of the show by clicking here.  I thought we could all de-stress a bit too, something easier to do in Colorado now, as you don't need a prescription for it! I spoke with [...]

If It Were Up To Me, I Wouldn’t Have to Play This Song Again

  I'd take away the guns.... In case you haven't yet heard about today's tragedy ... At least 12 people are confirmed dead and another 50 were taken to area hospitals after a gunman - armed with an assault rifle, shotgun, two hand guns and, reportedly, two canisters of some sort of gas - opened fire inside a packed movie theater in Aurora Colorado during the midnight premiere of the new Batman movie. Although I had played the song a few times on the air at the then-awesome radio station KSCA (fm 101.9) in Los Angeles, it wasn't until the horror of [...]

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