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I thought we needed a little bit of an escape from the disaster that is Washington, DC these days - so I thought laughter would do us some good. Dean Obeidallah told us about his new film, The Muslims Are Coming , a comedy-documentary about a group of Muslim-American comedians traveling around the nation to do free shows (mostly in areas without many Muslims).  Hear that hour of the show by clicking here.  I thought we could all de-stress a bit too, something easier to do in Colorado now, as you don't need a prescription for it! I spoke with [...]

Debt Ceiling Hostage Taking Redux

Oy. Here we go again!  They released they can't use their threats to "de-fund Obamacare" - so now they're just threatening to tank the economy and the good faith and credit of the country again. If you're wondering what's in their ransom note this time, wonder no further.  Zach Carter of Huffington Post joined in on the show this morning to talk about some of the outrageous demands he detailed in "House GOP Debt Ceiling Offer To Include Pro-Wall Street Provisions, Health Care Cuts" including ... a significant overhaul of the environmental and financial regulatory system, would cut pensions for Federal [...]

Winning: No War, No Summers!

Go figure. We criticized from the left, and we won.  Of course, those who ascribe to "My President, wrong or right" have been out in force, damning all who dare to question their leader.  I guess I view democracy differently.  I believe it means that we all have a voice in our government, which is ostensibly of, by and for the people, and that it's not only our right, but our responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable. So, we spoke out against the administration's admonitions that we must attack Syria because Syria attacked its own people.  And we spoke [...]

It’s Money That Matters

  It's a sad but true fact of life.  Money equals power, more now than ever.  And the rich and powerful are getting richer and even more powerful.  And, unfortunately, most Americans have no idea how wide the chasm is between the very rich and the rest of us. There's a powerful video that's just gone viral that illustrates the obscene wealth inequality in the US.  Take a few minutes to watch this: It's pretty shocking when you see it in those visual terms.  Now take a gander at Forbes new list of the 500 richest billionaires in the world. [...]

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