I thought we needed a little bit of an escape from the disaster that is Washington, DC these days – so I thought laughter would do us some good.

Dean Obeidallah told us about his new film, The Muslims Are Coming , a comedy-documentary about a group of Muslim-American comedians traveling around the nation to do free shows (mostly in areas without many Muslims).  Hear that hour of the show by clicking here. 

I thought we could all de-stress a bit too, something easier to do in Colorado now, as you don’t need a prescription for it!

I spoke with Aaron Smith, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, to find out how things are going since Colorado became the first state in the country to legalize marijuana for recreational adult use.  Aaron was on in the third hour of the show. Click here for the podcast of this hour.

But we still needed to know what a dire situation the nation is in and what to expect going forward.  So we checked in with Rick Ungar of Forbes, who cleared up some of the misconceptions brought about by the lies told to us by the same politicians who got us into this mess, and the media mouths who continue to lie.  Rick joined me at the top of the second hour.  Click here to listen.