No campaign cycle Reaganesque Drug War dra-ma on this season of The Apprentice: Oval Office?

It’s as if none o’ the Rethugs can be bothered to give MJ legalization the time or Faux Fvxed Up outrage it deserves!

Pitiful effort.

A couple dozen +/_ GOP candidates and not a one of them gives an audible damn about bashing the Demon Weed this election cycle?? Is that scaffolding over the dome right now truly just one giant MJ vaping filtration system Congress stealth-ordered way ahead of the District managing to lift 78 years of pot prohibition on itself?  

All the better to equitably side-eye Colorado, Washington state, Alaska and Oregon’s hazey path going forward with.

Stoners are grossly underestimated, apparently.




But seriously, folks, where are the usual cadres of All Hail Reagan War on Drugs supposed cannabis haters?  {less hater now} Was the GOP so thoroughly flummoxed by the torrential success of gay marriage on top of a black president that adding Trump to the haul weight just collapsed their inner Reaganite mythology, some creepy Republican override even Ayn Rand couldn’t have prophesied?

The Trumpet has snatched the reins from much paler white guys who believed themselves Titans … and it is possible issues like 78 years of marijuana prohibition and medical research, women’s health, Equal Pay, LGBT Rights Part Two, universal pre-K and all of the other B List matters on the agenda will flow democratically forward as they ought to. Chaos defined!



And on the Angel Weed side, how about shoutouts for massive assertions for legalization … or even just medical expansion? Well Bernie, #duh. In Oregon he let those thousands and thousands of ears hear his homegrown and powerful perspective on justice — and the venal hypocrisy of the Fool Reagan’s

[airquotes] “Drug War”:

“We see kids getting criminal records for having marijuana, but the CEOs of these large institutions get away with theft.”

Now  THAT makes sense! Who needs rehabilitating when you get right down to the prison honest skinny? Some 22 year-old who spent three out of four years on the streets of southie Chicago as a troubled kid peddling high end snob weed to soccer Moms … or the 59 year-old Yalie who tries to Golden Parachute out of his pseudo-legal Bankster career in Greed? Who caused more harm to their communities?

Yep. One more Gonzo background point on why Prohibition needs coast-to-coast lifting.




And in case you were even tokenly curious about HRC’s opinion (no one ever noted having asked her if she inhaled so presumably she did — you saw the bell-bottoms), even if you plan on going into the voting booth with a clothes-pin firmly on your schnoz and halfway through a blunt, it is decent news for the 420 cause.  At least according to Kristen Wyatt of the AP last month. 

A quarter century after Bill Clinton confessed he tried marijuana but insisted “I didn’t inhale,” the taboo against marijuana is shrinking at the highest level of politics, just as it appears to be with the public.

“When I was growing up, it was political suicide for a candidate to talk about pot being legal,” said Tim Cullen, owner of Colorado Harvest Co., a chain of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

Cullen attended a Hillary Rodham Clinton fundraiser in New Mexico last month and talked to the Democratic candidate about her position on legalizing pot.

“She’s not outwardly hostile to the idea, which is a big step forward,” Cullen said. “She’s willing to openly talk about it, at least.”

Tepid, but leaves a window cracked …

If there was ever a time in Our Nation’s History that we, the People, needed idiot restraints lifted in order to collectively get their mellow on legally, that time is now. Teh Tea Party and The Trump alone are major joint justifications.

Cue your reggae.