Everything is Broken

Thank goodness for good headline writers! Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing I'm applauding today. On the show this morning, I realized just how totally FUBAR we are.  While the government is shut down over a manufactured crisis (yet, again), the people who've been silently suffering in this country continue unabated... and their numbers continue to grow. Sasha Abramsky is an author and journalist who spent the last two years plus traveling the nation, seeking out the mostly-invisible poverty-stricken masses.  Unfortunately, what he found is hiding in plain site in every state in the nation, and no one [...]

Playing Russian Roulette with the Economy

Or, I suppose, American Roulette. Either way, we're fucked. It's great to be back at Radio or Not after a week of having to watch out for F-bombs on terrestrial radio.  We spent much of the first hour recapping the madness that ensued while I was gone last week.  Cliff Schecter joined in to help try to make sense of the insanity. And if it's Monday, we find out what ridiculous things politicians said and how the so-called journalists who moderate the Sunday shows let them get away with spewing bullshit in our Fools on the Hill™ segment with Nicole [...]

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Today’s Show

I thought we needed a little bit of an escape from the disaster that is Washington, DC these days - so I thought laughter would do us some good. Dean Obeidallah told us about his new film, The Muslims Are Coming , a comedy-documentary about a group of Muslim-American comedians traveling around the nation to do free shows (mostly in areas without many Muslims).  Hear that hour of the show by clicking here.  I thought we could all de-stress a bit too, something easier to do in Colorado now, as you don't need a prescription for it! I spoke with [...]

There Could Be Catastrophic Consequences

The headline above could refer to any of the stories we covered today. We started the show with my interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of the world's loudest, most passionate voices about the dangers of nukes - both weapons and power!  For decades, Dr. Caldicott has been educating the world, focusing on the grave danger posed to public health by radiation, by the contribution of nuclear power to global warming, and by the real capacity of nuclear weapons, technology, and waste, to render parts or all of the earth uninhabitable forever. At NuclearFreePlanet.org, I read Dr. Caldicott's articles about [...]

Jesus Loves Nukes and More Insanity

My good friend Jason Leopold continues to astound with his latest piece for Truthout .  Just when I thought I'd heard it all regarding the insanity and barbarity of waging war, here comes "Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons."  Seriously?!?! Before I spoke with Jason this morning, I checked in with David Dayen who gives great news coverage at FireDogLake for the latest on the debt ceiling insanity. I don't do a new show on Fridays, so I try to end each Thursday morning with some laughs courtesy of John Fugelsang. [...]

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