Asian businessman cheers with mug of beer

With the big GOP debate #3 tonight taking place in Boulder, Colorado, I propose that instead of drinking, at each pre-identified phrase, you take a giant bong hit instead of a drink. Just a suggestion if you’re in a state with legal cannabis. The rest of us will just have to drink, heavily.

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Today’s show began with a call from Congressman Alan Grayson, the man who will hopefully soon be my senator! He deserves all the credit in the world for taking on the guys that the rest of the Democratic caucus was obviously too scared to challenge. But Grayson filed an ethics complaint against Kevin McCarthy and Trey Gowdy once McCarthy confirmed that the 10th Benghazi committee was formed with political purposes in mind, to take down Hillary Clinton.

In the days since Congressman Grayson filed that complaint, two others confirmed the nefarious purpose of the committee, leading Grayson to amend his complaint with the new information. 

Of course, I asked the congressman about the new budget deal that Congress will vote on today, and a few others things as well. PLEASE help Congressman Grayson become Senator Grayson. Help out however you can at

It’s Wednesday, so Deborah Newell Tornello joined in with some Oy, FloriDUH stories, including these:

FL anti-gay, anti-woman bill would allow docs and hospices to refuse to serve gays

FL Tea partiers plan to set up secret vigiliante court to arrest and possibly execute Obama

FL Man attacks Karaoke DJ over Mic Sound

Tampa Brewery Now making Florida man beer

Florida Man Hates Governing, So Why Not Elect Him President?  (Charlie Pierce at Esquire re Marco Rubio)

Florida couple stalked a woman for being French

And then there’s the story of Cory Jones being shot dead by a Florida cop, and it’s not funny at all. More on this tomorrow… 

And finally, Dave Johnson of Campaign for America’s Future returned to be taken to task by me for advocating we stay in Afghanistan to help the women and children. I think that’s a lofty goal, but I’d like unicorns and puppies too…. 

A reminder that the chat room will be open tonight, so come hang with us beginning at 6 ET. And we’ll be back tomorrow morning for our post debate wrap up with Driftglass and Howie Klein too, radio or not!

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