4-4-18 Nicole Sandler Show – The Census Fix with Ari Berman

The Trump administration is threatening democracy with its handling of the 2020 Census. Ari Berman of Mother Jones Hidden Figures: How Donald Trump is Rigging the Censuswrote a piece about it, "" and joins in to tell us what they're doing and whether there's a remedy.

The Tuesday Randi Rhodes Show

As you know by now, I'm filling in for Randi Rhodes for these last two weeks of the year.  Yesterday, we listened back to some of the news from January, as we started on our journey through the past year in the rear view mirror...  Today we'll venture back through February and March. Once again, we'll be joined by Tim Karr of FreePress.net and SaveTheInternet.com, who was at today's FCC hearing and vote on their new "net neutrality" regulations.  I put that in quotes because, unfortunately, it's fake net neutrality.  The Washington Post has this wrap-up of today's meeting here. [...]

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