Ahh we joke, but that’s how the news gets digested better. Every Monday, I’m joined by Jonathan Larsen who writes at TheFuckingNews.substack.com. Mondays are difficult enough, so I figure it’s best to ease back into the new week with a bit of humor injected into the normal awfulness of it all.
Today we’ll have some actual funny observations about the news, something that was mostly missing from Saturday night’s Nerd Prom (aka WH Correspondents Dinner).

Then there’s the lovely revelations about SD Gov Kristi Noem as a dog murderer, college campuses racked by protests, Bill Barr says the quiet hyprocritical parts out loud (nothing really new there) and not only will he vote for TFG if convicted, he admitted that TFG often spoke of having Americans killed. Nothing much to see here… move right along…