As you know by now, I’m filling in for Randi Rhodes for these last two weeks of the year.  Yesterday, we listened back to some of the news from January, as we started on our journey through the past year in the rear view mirror…  Today we’ll venture back through February and March.

Once again, we’ll be joined by Tim Karr of and, who was at today’s FCC hearing and vote on their new “net neutrality” regulations.  I put that in quotes because, unfortunately, it’s fake net neutrality.  The Washington Post has this wrap-up of today’s meeting here.

Tim will fill us in on what happened today, and also tell us about a little-heralded bill passed by the Senate last week dealing with new bandwidth opening for community based low power FM stations.

Today also brought us the results of the 2010 Census, and what those numbers mean for the make-up of the US House of Representatives.  FloriDUH, where I live, gains two seats… but Ohio loses two.  Aaron Blake of the Washington Post will join us to give us the good, the bad and the ugly!

Of course, no discussion of the year 2010 would be complete without wikileaks.  Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Glenn Greenwald of, with whom I agree on this issue.  We’ll discuss the questions he raises in today’s piece, “The NYT spills key military secrets on its front page,” including ‘why are those so anxious to hang Assange for treason not out to prosecute the New York Times as well?” and more!

Talk to you in a bit… radio or not!