12-9-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Political Discourse Disconnect

Download here or click below to play   Many things just don't make sense. Donald Trump as president. The entirety of 2020. The fact that Republicans lie and continue to win big. I've been ranting about "opposite world" for years, and it's gotten worse in the years under Trump's rule. We won't be able to answer all of life's perplexing questions, but today's guest, Joe Romm, wrote a story for The Nation magazine, "Why Democrats Lose on Social Media While Republicans Lie and Win Big." It's a good place to start. Joe Romm, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Front Page Live [...]

7-11-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein or WTF Pelosi?

   After taking a few weeks off, Howie Klein returns to the show, just as a rift is growing between the Democratic House establishment leadership and the progressive freshmen contingent. I'm sure Howie will have a few choice words to share on the subject. Plus the latest news and information and more...

All Hill breaks loose #StillSanders

I'm a lifelong Democrat (sadly, that may change, we'll see) and an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporter. For the past year I've been asked repeatedly, "Will you vote for Hillary Clinton if she's the Democratic nominee?" And for the past year I've answered yes. Over and over and over again. Yes, yes yes. However...A year ago, I hadn't yet encountered the continual onslaught of abuse, baiting, smears, and harassment on social media by Hillary supporters. I hadn't yet observed the former Secretary of State's campaign tactics, positions (many have been contradictory, misleading, or obfuscatory). I hadn't yet watched her debates with Senator Sanders. [...]

Tweets I’m sick of reposting, now all in one place: Right here.

I don't write blog posts very often any more, not since my former co-editor/publisher of The Political Carnival, Paddy Kraska, passed away a couple of years ago. Her death took so much out of me, and my motivation to write long form nearly vanished. Just before she died, we had planned to change the format of our site to one of tweet-like quips and links. Tweeting has been my outlet of choice for awhile now, but with all the fun, quick conversations it offers come frustrations. One of those frustrations is knowing that followers on Twitter don't always see my tweets, just as [...]

LIVE BLOG ☞ Pop Culture Pop-Up @ Radio or Not

Among the many things I dig about being able to share Laffy's page here at Radio or Not is the opportunity for random pop-up posts. [Working on the logistics of knowing how much food to prep for the Flash Pop-up.] Your digital Flash Mob of sheer random fun that make souls lighter on a whimsical  bandwidth that I imagine only grandparents feel. Did a piece a week or so back on the retro of Saturday Night Live that has been playing for nearly all of its 19 day stretch of their entire catalogue.  It will kill what ails you, I [...]

Turkish Journalist Sedef Kabaş Faces 5 Years in Prison for Her Tweet

Image Hurriyet Daily News   Midnight Express is on my list of most powerful movies seen young, so maybe I'm adding a layer of horror … but I don't believe an extra one is necessary. Just add a local lady journalist with a problem with blatant corruption. Despotların cesur seslere gözdağı vermek için kasten hedef aldığı @SedefKabas 'la dayanışmak üzere mesajı paylaşalım! pic.twitter.com/aldkoXjvdK — Kazım Cingöz (@Cingz053) January 19, 2015 No journalist should have to defend herself like this: “Turkey must not busy itself with my tweets. We must consider on whether there is a corruption or not.” [...]

I Told You My Congressman Was Insane

Allen West is not only a coward and a war criminal. He’s also a misogynist.  The newest evidence that all of those allegations are true comes from the pen of the congressman himself. Yesterday, DNC Chair and member of Congress Debbie Wasserman-Schultz gave a fairly typical, albeit tough, floor speech on the topic of HR 2560 – the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill that, as she said, is like the Ryan plan on steroids.  Here is the entirety of her speech: Did you catch where she “directed [her] floor speech comments directly towards [Allen West]”?  [...]

Monday Morning – The Nicole Sandler Show

It's Monday, so that means we get to re-live some of the high and low points from yesterday's Talking Head shows with Crooks & Liars' Nicole Belle.  It's a weekly segment we call "Fools on the Hill."  Here's what we'll hit on today, with links to all the clips, and Nicole's descriptions of them: We’re six weeks away from the midterm elections and the media is in full swing determining the narratives that are going to take us through the elections.  It appears that the media wants us to be wildly dissatisfied with Obama and associate his policies with that [...]

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