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Last night, Rachel Maddow laid out disturbing Wisconsin Voter ID Law details. Republicans resort to cheating, gerrymandering, and voter suppression because they have nothing to run on. They’ve been on the losing side of the issues, their congressional leaders rely on obstruction rather than legislation, and their state legislators and governors eliminate voting rights in order to eliminate Democratic voters. They continue to be the party of discrimination.

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Wisconsin is a state that has never had a documented case of voter fraud by way of impersonation… That’s the kind of voter fraud that would, conceivably, be put off, deterred, stopped by Voter I.D. Never been one of those in Wisconsin. Nevertheless, once Republicans got hold of the state legislature and own the governorship there, they passed a new law in 2011 that blocks you from voting in Wisconsin unless you have an I.D…. which hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents do not have…

Think it might make a difference if you dropped that many people out of the electorate in Wisconsin? Most of the people without I.D.– let’s be honest– are people who are poor, people who have relatively transient lives, people who are disproportionately from minority populations; they’re much more likely to be Democratic voters.

You take somewhere between 160,000 and 370,000 of those voters out of the electorate, no Democrat will ever win in Wisconsin again. At least not statewide.

voter fraud non existent Wisconsin voter ID law

Now– even after absentee ballots have been sent out and sent back by voters who already filled them out– at the very last minute, right in the middle of an election, the rules have radically changed. Those votes will not count unless this new mess can be untangled. Chaotic much?

And good old Gov. Scott Walker has “set aside zero dollars” to inform the electorate and sort this all out. No money, none, will be set aside to help voters to comply with the new law or even educate them about the changes.

This is going exactly as they want it to go

Wisconsin is just the worst of a whole bunch of states this year where nobody actually knows this close to the election what it’s gonna take to be allowed to vote in this year’s midterms…

It’s just chaos. Judicially imposed chaos.

Please watch the entire video, and then another of Rachel’s interview with WI State Senator Jon Erpenbach:

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