#RadioOrNot Exclusive: Disabled vet turned away for no voter ID in state not requiring IDs

This email was sent to me by a regular reader of mine, and will make your heads explode. Verbatim: First, I live in one of the Tea Party strongholds of the nation in Southern Delaware.. Yes Delaware is the home of Joe Biden, but the lower part of the state is not Biden country. Also, I am disabled US Army Paratrooper.. not combat disabled, instead I learned that you cannot fight gravity.. so I have spinal issues and non-combat PTSD from the injury. Which means I shut-in, and most of the time if you saw me you would probably think [...]

Voter ID, Schmoter ID: “You’d think GOP was organizing competitive kitten clubbings. Again.”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: ONE MAN. ONE VOTE. Whiners. Bounders. Ingrates. Talking about the incessant griping and sniping currently buzzing over long overdue Republican reforms requiring citizens to produce a government issued ID before casting a vote. From the outcry you’d think the GOP was organizing competitive kitten clubbings. Again. Oh for crum’s sakes, settle down people. It’s just an ID. You need one to fly or buy or ply or even take out a library book. What is wrong with insuring the integrity of the electoral process? This isn’t voter suppression, it’s voter [...]

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Voting rights gutted in #WI: “Judicially imposed chaos.”

Last night, Rachel Maddow laid out disturbing Wisconsin Voter ID Law details. Republicans resort to cheating, gerrymandering, and voter suppression because they have nothing to run on. They've been on the losing side of the issues, their congressional leaders rely on obstruction rather than legislation, and their state legislators and governors eliminate voting rights in order to eliminate Democratic voters. They continue to be the party of discrimination. Rachel: Wisconsin is a state that has never had a documented case of voter fraud by way of impersonation... That's the kind of voter fraud that would, conceivably, be put off, deterred, stopped by [...]

Bad Religion or Mormon’s Little Secrets

Listen to this episode: {play}http://traffic.libsyn.com/radioornot/20120802_Nicole_Sandler_Show_-_Mormonism.mp3 {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   Let me start by saying that I think all organized religion has more in common with Greek mythology than with fact.  The best debunking of modern religions comes with a lot of laughs from Bill Maher in his documentary Religulous.  I recommend watching the whole thing, but here's a taste:   A few days ago, I got an email from a listener who wanted to be sure I was aware of some of the creepier aspects of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, more commonly [...]

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