For a guy who says he doesn't know her, Mr. Koch-Cain is certainly very close to Sharon Bialek

I don’t know when or where this picture was taken – but it was obviously a few years ago, and is obviously Herman (Koch) Cain standing right next to Sharon Bialek.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ….

I opened the show this morning with some of Koch-Cain’s more obvious lies and sickening statements…  Then we moved on to some good news.  After hearing today’s  90 Second Summary from Main Street Insider

I spoke with Jeremy Koulish about yesterday’s election results — it turned out to be a pretty good day for progressives.
As Howie Klein recounted at Down With Tyranny in his special election wrap-up, in Ohio – SB5/Issue 2 (the horrible anti-union bill cooked up by the much hated Kasich) went down in a brutal 58-42% drubbing.   And in Columbus,  incumbent mayor Michael Coleman (D) was reelected over Republican Earl Smith 72-28%!

Howie continued:

The other two important ballot measures yesterday were in Maine– to restore same day voter registration that the GOP abolished– and Mississippi’s insane Initiative 26, the so-called “personhood” law that defines a sperm and an egg as a legal human being from the moment of fertilization. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor endorsed the controversial and clearly unconstitutional Personhood thing but it lost anyway (58-42%), extremism getting smacked with a rolled up newspaper across the snout even in backward, ignorant, superstitious Mississippi. In Maine, despite big last-minute spending by teabag Gov. Paul LePage supporters (as well as the crazy, inflammatory attacks that are always associated with right-wing extremism), same day voters registration was restored 60-40%.

Constitutional officers were elected in Kentucky and Mississippi. There were no blue to red or red to blue changes in Kentucky– Democrats for Governor (56% for Steve Beshear), Attorney General (55% for Jack Conway), Auditor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer and the Republican was elected Agriculture Commissioner. Mississippi was the mirror image of what happened in Kentucky. Republicans won all the statewide races except that the incumbent Attorney General was reelected.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as well in Virginia.

Virginia, which will be key for Obama next year, went badly. The Democrats lost their bare 22-18 seat control of the state Senate and the Republicans retained their control of the House. A very radical right GOP now has complete control over the state government and will likely make immediate moves against democratic institutions, particularly voting rights. This was really the worst news of the night.

It was a busy show…  My favorite activist, David Swanson, has a new book out.  When the World Outlawed War tells the story of the peace movement in the 1920s that led to the Kellogg-Briand Pact, which outlawed war!  It’s still on the books, yet no one pays attention.  David joined me to talk about the book, along with the Occupy movement and, and his disagreement with Ted Rall on the way forward (violent revolution vs. non-violent civil resistance).

Jason Benlevi also joined in for a discussion about the internet and digital technology, spurred by his book Too Much Magic: Pulling the Plug on the Cult of Tech.

And my pal Dave Johnson told us about the resurrection of the blog – and the need for it (to expose those corporate and GOP-based lies), and his take on Occupy: “The Occupy Movement is Spreading and Growing“.  I particularly liked these suggestions:

Occupy Everywhere And Everything

Possible new Occupy actions include places that the government is ignoring its responsibilities, and people are sick of just taking it. Some ideas:

  • Occupying polluting companies, until they stop polluting.
  • Occupying privatized public functions — jobs that have been handed to private contractors in order to pay people poverty wages, while making a few at the top very, very rich.
  • Occupying companies that refuse to hire the unemployed.
  • Occupying companies that refuse to hire people over 40.Encouraged by the Occupy Movement, more and more people are finding their voice and speaking out.
  • Tonight, I’ll be live-tweeting the GOP wannabe nominee debate (8pm CNBC)…

    And tomorrow, we’ll finish off the week with Greg Palast (talking about his new book Vultures’ Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores) and John Fugelsang too.