It’s election day! But it’s an off-off year, meaning that many people don’t think they need to vote. However, in Ohio and Mississippi, it’s mandatory today!  Troubles at Occupy Wall Street?  GottaLaff has a new Blunt webisode.  And poor Koch-Cain is in a whole lotta hot water…  All on today’s show…

Blogger Fritz Tucker has been going to Zuccotti Park to participate in Occupy Wall Street, and made some observations that should be of interest to all concerned about the future of the movement.   He joined me on the show this morning to talk about “A Chill Descends on Occupy Wall Street.”

My buddy Cliff Schecter lives in Ohio, so I invited him on the show today to tell us what’s at stake with Issue 2... we also took a few minutes to discuss the heinous “Personhood” amendment in Mississippi, and the possibility that Virginia’s evil governor will get a GOP majority in the state senate if Democrats don’t get out and vote.

Every Tuesday morning, I’m joined by The Political Carnival’s GottaLaff for the second hour of the show…  We talked about and showed these videos, and the following stories:

The newest Blunt – Occupy Respect!

And the amazing people of Occupy Chicago as they Mic Check WI Gov Scott Walker

And these stories:

PhotOH! Oops! Republican state senator asks voters to thank… a Communist Soviet veteran

VIDEO- To those who still think Jon Huntsman is a moderate, don’t “confuse a moderate attitude with a moderate record.”

Gingrich-Cain debate: No Cain (alleged) sexual harassment talk allowed.

And just because I could…. Koch-Cain…