It was a busy day!  The first hour included a visit from investigative journalist Greg Palast, giving us the juicy details behind his new book Vultures’ Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores. I finally got the time to start reading it just a couple of days ago, and it reads like a spy novel… but it’s all true.

I’ll let you know when I’m done, but  is definitely worth the read, whether the printed version or the Kindle edition with audio & video.  By the way, if you read the printed version and want to see the video, just visit … it’s all there!

As if that wasn’t enough for the first hour, it continued with John Fugelsang.  John usually joins me for the second hour of my Thursday shows, but he had an appointment today at that time, so we had a concentrated segment talking about last night’s debate, Koch-Cain’s harassment problems, the Penn State- Joe Paterno problems, and the occupy movement.

In hour two, we went over the audio/video of the stuff I spoke with Fugelsang about, including: