With gratitude to the inspirational Gliberal Goddesses and chorale of awesome members of The Thundering Herd in Nicole’s rocking Live Chat Room this week, we happily present the first of a weekly-ish post and thread dedicated to Vermont’s Progressive pride and joy … Mssr. Bernie Sanders.

Or as we local yokels fondly think of him, our Rumpled Savior — in the Clueless, Useless, God-Damned United States Senate, in the eye of the Great Swamp — and, depending on how the Santa-Hillary Winds blow, taking his spot upon the 2016 primary bench on our side of the aisle and  right alongside progressive peer Elizabeth Warren.

It was grandè progressive news this week when word that Sanders’ Serious Quest for the right Sweet ’16 campaign leadership had netted a lovely, large catch in the person of veteran Dem salesman Tad Devine.

“In terms of fundraising, there would be real interest in him at the grassroots level,” Devine said. “He knows how to do the organizing that’s required. As a mass media person, I also think he would be a great television candidate. He can connect on that level.”


This week we were privy to some fine Bernie querying and connecting by messnbc’s Chris Hayes, Nicole spoke of the interview on Wednesday’s show and it was footage worth expanding our view of.


If the All In video does not magically appear above, my apologies and a link to the original footage here.  He brought the Sanders candor.

Well, that’s a question I’m just getting … First of all, I have to decide if I will run, and the answer to that has a lot to do with the kind of grassroots support that may or may not be there. Are people prepared to get engaged in a grassroots unprecedented type campaign in which we are taking on the incredibly powerful billionaire class? That’s the Koch brothers. That’s Wall Street. That’s the private insurance companies. That’s the drug companies. That’s the people who own America.

Is there the energy for people to being to be engaged in that type of campaign, or are people sufficiently demoralized? How do you raise the hundreds of millions of dollars that you need? I don’t get campaign contributions from the billionaire class. Can you do that? So I’ve gotta answer those questions, Chris before I make the decision.

Also worth the listen, Hayes and Sanders had actually, factually gone over the Regressive Right’s Dark Money influence just prior to the midterms. Stings a bit more now.

I’ve had a wondering for a while now, perhaps some of you have as well … why is it that Bernie isn’t given the same degree of torturous degregation and defacement from Fvx Nation as say, the First Lady?  He self-id’s as a socialist!!

His appearance on Bill Maher was not to be missed. (Also a tremendously Good Hair Night for Sanders.)


Now here is one for those of you with a bit of time and a hankering to know what a local town hall with Bernie Sanders is like — and in California, no less, thanks to a YouTuber who shared the recent event.


From Democracy Now, on November 5th of this year, catch up on Sander’s fabulous “The United States is on the Verge of Becoming an Oligarchy”: