Bogus GOP graph vs “Americans Who Know How to Make a #PlannedParenthood Graph”

My dear friend and Political Carnival co-editor, Paddy Kraska, passed away nearly two years ago (!), and I still grieve for her. I still miss her every single day. She was a fighter who inspired me to be one, too.Well, today her brother sent me a gift: A graph that he put together, one that debunks the bogus abortion graph the way Cecile Richards did at that sham disguised as a Planned Parenthood hearing. As Paddy would have said, "Bite me, 'Americans United for Life.'" Here's his version from, as he put it, "Americans Who Know How to Make a Graph."And just for good measure, [...]

New Investigation: Widespread Use of Bogus Science in Reproductive Health Policy

Here's a press release that I got in an email from my pal at RH Reality Check. Bolding is mine: New Investigation Finds Widespread Use of Bogus Science in Reproductive Health Policy (Washington, DC) A new investigation by RH Reality Check (RHRC) details the widespread use of discredited research and distorted data in the promotion of an anti-choice policy agenda. The investigation, titled “False Witnesses,” closely examines public records and published work of several groups and individuals, revealing that many of their scientific and medical claims have been publicly discredited – yet they continue to receive taxpayer dollars from state [...]

Supreme Bullshit!

The Roberts Court will likely go down in history as one of, if not the worst Supreme Court in our relatively short history. Today, we were anticipating the final four decisions for this session. But this ego-maniacal set of justices are prolonging our misery for one more weekend. Today, they gave us two unanimous decisions that make any reasonable person ask what these idiots are smoking! The first decision offered today was written by one of the "liberal" justices, Stephen Breyer. In NLRB v. Noel Canning,   SCOTUS decided the fate of "recess appointments." At issue: (1) Whether the President’s recess-appointment power may [...]

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